Sunday, May 5, 2013

2013 so far. The journey continues..

Four months into 2013 and quiet a bit happening on the mat. We did a seminar with  World Champ and beast Rodolfo Vieira and his Coach the legend Julio Cesar at IgniteSC
Was excellent, we worked some nice techniques from closed guard and spider guard. At the end of the seminar they had a Question time, I made the mistake of asking Rodolfo what his fav judo techniques are. He showed me first hand. Luckily he was nice to me and didn't break all my ribs in the process. 
Head coach of Cia Paulista Australia Carlos Portugues Vieira was also in attendance at the seminar and once again he wiped the floor with me. Is always a humbling experience to roll with Carlos. He recently qualified and then competed in Abu Dhabi at the World Pro Gi.

Below is Portugues in the final of the Pro Gi qualifiers in Sydney earlier this year displaying his killer closed guard!!

Sao Paulo native and Cia Paulista Black belt Felipe Lattari visited us here at TerraLuta BJJ late January to hold a seminar. He showed some very cool techniques. Including a triangle set up from the bottom of the north south position and some really cool half guard attacks. Was amazing to have a BJJ black belt from the birth place of BJJ here in Gympie. I rolled with him at the end of the seminar.. he schooled me, actually at one stage he had my hand tied up in my belt and was riding me like a bull.  As far as i'm aware that makes me the first person in the area to roll with a Brazilian born BJJ Black Belt on Gympie mats. Was an amazing experience. 

 Coach Dunstan and BJJ Brown belt bad ass CuVermelho both visited the gym in late march for some training and to grade one of my new students Anthony for his first stripe. We are very lucky to have access to 2 high level guys that come train with us regularly. They both have very different styles of jiu-jitsu and having access to that on our home mat is amazing. 

The last Saturday in April was the QLD Titles. I recently tweaked my knee training so was unable to compete but 2 of my students entered. They both did well in there matches but lost. I was very happy with the effort they put in and both dudes will be much better for the rolls.

My team mates from IgniteSC did extremely well at the comp, which was really motivating to me. It's such a great thing to be part of a strong team. 

On the mat here in Gympie there is lots of improvements being shown. The team is learning how to back off the pressure when flow rolling and exchange techniques. This style of training in my eyes is extremely effective. Top level guys will play like this to warm up and drill there new techniques. I might do a blog on how and why we try to flow roll as well as roll hard here at TerraLuta BJJ. 

C u on the mat,

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