Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Typical Training Day For The Gympie Grappler

Thought I'd do something a little different for this blog. This is how a typical open mat training day goes down for me.
I get my gear together, kiss the wife and kids and jump in the car.
Next I pick up my hombre Steve, who comes down for the drive just to keep me company.(what a good mate)
We put on some tunes or listen to a podcast while we roll down to Caloundra which takes an hour.

We roll in to the gym and I say yo to all my homies. I do a quick warm up, then go straight in to rolling.
I like to try all my new techniques out where I can. We help each other out with a few questions on positions we might be having trouble with. Coach might even show us a new technique to help us out. Which today was an escape from the Kimura when you are in halfguard bottom. We roll some more then hang out for a little bit. Then I high 5 all my homies then hit the road back to Gympie. We usually grab some food on the way home. Yes It's usually junk.


So that's how a typical open mat day goes down. Regular class is a bit different, there is a much more intense warm up. Then we are shown a new technique which adds to a series of moves that we have been working on. We then drill that move and then link it with the series. Then we'll finish off with rolling.

Happy New Years!!!

C u on the mat,

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