Monday, June 20, 2011

If There Was A Problem ,Yo, I'll Solve It!

Right now in Jiu-Jitsu I'm on the cusp of pushing through in to uncharted territory but I'm starting to throw some excuses at the problems I'm currently facing.
Being able to confront my problems and push through them has always been my biggest stumbling block in life. I'll just toss some excuses at the problem and sometimes back down from it if the going gets a bit tough.
My favorite excuse is and always has been my weight and fitness level. But over the years I think I have proven to my self that they are unacceptable excuses. Partly because I have total control over both those things.
My weight is still coming down a bit. I'm still a pear shaped 100kg hairy ranga but I've lost about 25kg since I started BJJ just over 2 years ago. My diet is still terrible. I drink more water now days but I'll still choose a Triple Cheese burger over a Garden Salad.

My training is going well. I'm getting in at least 3 sessions a week. But I'm only getting in one training run at Advance SC and two at home with a mate due to work and family commitments. I can't see that situation changing for quiet sometime and is out of my control.

 The training I'm getting in at home is still quiet good but I'm not really pushing my self hard enough. I'm making excuses and only doing a short training session at times.
A few years back I heard a saying that was something along the lines of this, "If you keep doing the same shit You've always done, You'll keep getting the same shit you've always got." obviously I've taken some poetic license with the quote but that's how I remember it. I need to push myself harder when I'm on the mat.
One of my coaches reminded me last night of something I always said when I was playing footy. The only way to get fit to do a sport is to compete at that sport. Doing Kettle bells, hill sprints and techniques will definitely help your jiu-jitsu but not as much as actually rolling with an evenly matched or better than you opponent.
I need to push my self more when I'm rollin' to get to that next level. Especially in the rolls when I'm tired and my muscles are building up lactic acid and some dude is trying to pull my arm out of socket, choke me or trying to drive his knee through my stomach and into my spine. Pushing your self when you are in these positions and you believe you are completely trapped and there is no way out is very very difficult. But if you have faith in the technique and go for it with conviction, weight or fitness level is no longer an excuse. That push comes from your heart and your will to fight. Not from how much you weigh or how far you can run or even how much you can bench press. It's all heart and faith!
Now go train Jiu-Jitsu!!
C u on the mat.


  1. I read you :-)

    I'm also not really good at pushing myself when on my own. Luckily, I'm happy to work my arse off when someone has a toe pointing there. Oh yeah, and I can do excuses quite well, too.

    You are so right about the need to believe in yourself and the technique when in a bad spot. I have been guilty of saying "I can't!" on far too many occasions, barring my own progress. It is something I'm working on just as hard as on specific techniques. I need to do less of doubting myself and making excuses, and more of getting off my butt and just training.

    Well said :-)

    Hey, might see you at the Pan Pacs!!

  2. Hi Fenix, I would love to catch up at the Pans! We could share war stories....

  3. Ha, that would be fun :-) Let me know what divisions you'll be competing in, and I'll look out for you.

    I shouldn't be too hard to find, there won't be a million female blues competing. I don't know yet if I'll do just the weight classe in gi/nogi or the absolute as well. So far it looks like I'll be there on the Friday and Saturday.