Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hello Internet

Hello internet. I’ve decided to keep an online journal of my BJJ training. I’ve been training for 2 months already so my next post will be a massive catch up on what I’ve done so far which includes some of the techniques I’m learning, injuries, my first grappling competition and my first BJJ grading.

I’ve always been a fan of the fight game. My Dad was a pro boxer and coach and my Brother represented the State in amateur boxing. I’ve had some boxing training but never had a fight in the ring. In the late 90's I watched UFC 1-3 on VHS and i've been a massive MMA fan since.

I always enjoyed the grappling component of MMA but never had the opportunity (or maybe the balls) to try it out. But a chance meeting and conversation with a friend of a friend this past newyears eve has inspired me to take my first Grappling class.

I live in Gympie QLD Australia which, while not extremely isolated still has limited grappling gyms. So my first BJJ class was taken at the PUMMA Parkwood gym at the Gold Coast which is about 3 hours drive from home.

My next post will be transcribed directly out of my hand written journal and is rather lengthy so it may take me a while to post it up. Once I’ve caught up I’ll be doing a weekly post to my online journal.

Take it easy,


  1. Cool - always good to come across blogs I haven't read before. I just did a big trawl through BJJ Grrl's excellent blogroll: looking forward to reading the rest of your site. :)

    Speaking of bloggers, I just set up a blogger map to help people meet up and train, if you're interested in being on it? Not got any Australian entries yet. ;)

  2. Hey Mate, thanks for checking out my blog. I check yours out all the time. You put up some top stuff.
    I'd love to be on your blogger map. I'll email you my details.
    Would be cool to meet some fellow BJJ bloggers from around the world!!