Sunday, April 19, 2009

January Jits Journal Entries

Friday 9th January 2009
Went to the Goldcoast with Benny to have my first roll at his old gym PUMMA. I met Lenny Kent, a purple belt, and Juggs, a brown belt, before training at the parkwood gym. Both really friendly guys. I was shown a guard pass and the upa sweep. Then I got to spar with some of the guys. Juggs gave me some tips while I was rolling, very helpful. I was so rooted from training i had a bit of a spew. Had a lot of fun but.

Sat 10th Jan 09
Went to PUMMAs main gym in Burliegh. I met head instructor and BJJ Black belt Vince Perry really nice bloke seemed very approachable. PJ, another instructor, took me through the guard pass and upa sweep again. Then I had roll with Lenny he got me in a Triangle. I didn’t know what was happening until I started seeing tweetie birds then I tapped. Spewed again. Was fun though.

Thursday 15th Jan 09
Found a Gym much closer to home AdvanceSC in Caloundra an hours drive from home. Went there with Ben again and met Head instructor and BJJ purple belt Ryan Dunstan. Ryan’s a cool guy. I knew I’d fit in at this gym once I walked in and heard Slayer coming out of the stereo. Did some shrimping hip escape drills then worked on guard passes, (the 5 ways). After that we rolled. Julian, a blue belt swept me at will. Scott a 3stripe white belt got me with a ezekiel choke/neck crank from mount. Ben purple belt got me in a rear naked choke twice a guillotine and a kimura I think. I had a dry reach. But I’m hooked on grappling going to start training as often as I can.

Wednesday 21st Jan 09
Joined AdvanceSC gym. Then worked on Hip escapes, guard passes and sweeps with Robbie a fellow beginner while Ryan instructed. Also worked some really cool stuff.
-escape from side control to a sweep
-the importance of underhook and armed framed on hip when on the bottom
-the sit up sweep from bottom to kimura to armdrag to pendulum sweep.
Rolled with Michael a blue belt, I got smashed then tapped out via triangle. Also rolled with Robbie tapped him with an Americana(my first sub)

Thursday 22nd Jan 09
Drilled hip escapes, 5 ways Guard passes, the sit up sweep to kimura fake to armdrag pendulum sweep. I’m going to call this my flow combo. We then rolled. My first roll with scott he dominated, got position on me and held me in side control and north south. The next roll I taped him with an Americana then a guillotine.
I really need to work on my hip flexibility and speed.

28th Jan 09
Couldn’t train tonight because I’m crook. Keen as to roll again. Got a bit of a game plan.
-Be aware of the position that I’m in. (say it in my head)
-Keep very tight with my opponent
-Regular breathing
-Use near knee over guard pass or leg on shoulder stack up guard pass
-use the up and over kimura sweep or pendulum sweep (Flow combo)
-Get a knee ride
-Use hip escapes to get guard back
-Get Underhook and hand on hip from bottom in side control

29th Jan 09
Worked the 5 ways guard passes. I’ve decided to call them numbers.
GP1= posture up knee to arse post leg break feet and turn left, left arm under leg to shoulder right arm pins other leg. Left hand to far shoulder. Stack him up keep tight move to side control.
GP2 = same as first but use right arm under leg
GP3 = after feet are broken put left knee over his right thigh. Keep foot down. Shoot left arm underhead right hand on his left hip, switch my hips. Move to side control.
GP4 = double leg pull in close stack up pass
GP5 = grab hand off back of head pin to his chest. Post foot to that side. Stand up. Knees together turn side on to break feet. Then go to gp1.
We also added more moves to the flow combo. Now has a near side armbar set up with a gift wrap after the pendulum sweep.

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