Monday, November 21, 2011

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Been very busy lately, with work training and family so my blogging has taken a back seat. But i'm bludging at work right now in the air con so I'll take the chance to drop a blog...
Since the Pan Pacs i've let my fitness slip a little bit and I've put some weight back on but I'm still training at least 3 times a week so i haven't blown right out. 
A few weeks ago I attended a Carlos Portugu√™s Vieira and Alexandre Santos seminar at IgniteSC in Caloundra on a Friday night and then competed the next day in a comp in Brisbane. The Seminar was excellent. Portugu√™s is an amazing teacher, every time I'm on the mat with him I always learn something rad that i can add to my game immediately. He is also an amazing competitor. He took out the $1000 dollar brown and black belt open at the comp the next day.
One of my young team mates that i coach in Gympie competed in the under16 division. He did extremely well, losing to the eventual winner of his division and winning another match by a kimura. He never gave up and showed lots of technique and heart. I was extremely proud and it reminded me of how much of a positive effect Jiu-Jitsu can have on people.
I faced off against a massive dude in my Blue Belt division, the weight division was a bit odd, it was 91kg and over. So i weighed in at 95kg my opponent was 145kg. (Usually i would be in a division of dudes 93-99kg.)
But I wasn't too worried i thought I'll just go at it and see what happens. I pulled open guard and tried to work for a sweep. I tried to go to closed guard at one stage but i couldn't get my legs around him haha.... I got a couple of near sweeps but he based out and was way to big to force over. I even had an armbar at one stage but his arm was more like a leg and i had no chance. I ended up losing the match on points 2-0. I was a bit angry. I'm getting a bit sick of losing. But i took it as a good experience and i think if i faced a big guy like that again i could play a bit different game and maybe be more successful.
Overall the Cia Paulista team did extremely well in the comp. The guys and girls were all using some nice techniques and nearly all team members took home a medal. The highlight was Carlos taking out the cash, beating a big Gracie Barra Black belt from the GoldCoast. He is an inspirational leader and an excellent role model to all his students.

On the home front, my little gym has started to grow. I have about 7 regular students now and they are all learning so fast. I'm really enjoying teaching them the techniques and helping them feel comfortable in the different positions. The vibe on the mat is super cool. They are all excellent students and team mates. 
At the last grading night at IgniteSC, 3 of my students travelled down with me and were involved in the grading night. I had the honor of giving them there first stripe on there white belts.
It was a great grading night. Lots of white belts were showing some nice techniques and I think a lot of them will be changing belt colours real soon.
Next year will be a huge year for Cia Paulista Qld team. I will be training hard and competing at my best so I represent correct for the Cia Paulista team!!
C u on the mat!

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