Sunday, September 12, 2010

An Escape Plan

In training for the next week or two i'm going to focus on escaping from sidecontrol. I've been working a lot on escaping when someone has my back over the last few weeks and it still need lots of work but i'm going to change the focus for a bit.
A familiar position when i roll with Coach Dunstan
I like to work on being comfortable in bad spots. I try to remain calm keep my elbows in, protect my neck then work the escape. When rolling with the upper belts being comfortable can be very tough and if i like it or not i'm going to have to work on survival and escapes.
But when i roll with new dudes, I sometimes let myself get in bad spots and work my escapes. I think this helps out both team mates. I get to work my escapes and they get to work on there top game and control. I know what it's like to feel helpless trapped under a more experienced grappler. It's how i spent the first 6mths of my training. So i think giving a little here and there really helps a newbie out and benefits my game as well. But I never give my opponent a submission when free rolling; they have to work for that shit. If they do tap me it is because of there skill and not me giving them a gift.

Here is a story from Saulo Ribeiro book Jiu-Jitsu University, he recalls the last time he trained with the 90yr old Father of Jiu-Jitsu Helio Gracie.

Helio said to Saulo "Son, you're strong, you're tough, you're a world champion, but i don't think you can beat me." Saulo looked sideways at the old man in disbelief. Thinking how a 90 year old man could beat someone in his athletic prime? But Saulo realized that Helio had not said he would beat Saulo but that Saulo could not beat him. Helio had put all the responsibility back on Saulo to defeat him. Helio did survive and Saulo was not able to impose his game on the late Master. Saulo had learnt one of his greatest lessons ever; it is not enough to be able to defeat all of your challengers. To be able to tell any man he cannot defeat you is to wield true power.

If you are starting out in BJJ and you have some cash to spare grab Saulos book. It's a technique book but has some great philosophy in there as well.



  1. I agree with your point on letting the newer guys get positions to work your escapes, certainly does help both guys.

    Very interesting quote you put there, maybe when I'm in Melbourne I'll buy it. Where would I find it? Or would I be better off ordering it off the net?

  2. Escaping from side control is fucking hard when the dude on top is heavy as. Then again I'm a bit of a noob, the best thing i can do is hook one of his legs if I can for quarter/half guard

  3. Hey, i got Saulo's book online from
    Yeah dude escaping sidecontrol is tough.
    Shrimpin' Ain't Easy Man