Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A faithful side kick

I think most blokes have one. You know ya right hand man, a wing man or home boy. I've got a few real close mates but my little hairy mate Steve is defiantly my faithful side kick. Now we had a somewhat heated debate over this. He proclaimed i was more Jay to him being Silent Bob(the resemblance is somewhat undeniable).
But seriously with out Steves help as my 'NavBitch' over the years i may not have stuck with BJJ. He's come on the 2 hour round trip to Caloundra with me for the last 12mths or so. He doesn't train, he just comes to keep me company on the trip. The first few months i did it by my self, and it was tough. Sometimes I would have little micro sleeps while i was driving on the way home after a long session, not cool. But with Steve in the car talking crazy shit with me I'm no chance of falling asleep.
Now Steve is what some people might say quirky, but i fukn love the angle he takes on things. Frickin hilarious. We are both massive heavy metal and mma fans so we rarely run out of shit to talk/argue about. Looking back we have had some rather deep conversations as well about life and the people in it.
So this is a thank you to my hombre Steve. A little part of my new belt belongs to you dude.

Sending out man love to my hetero-life-mate.



  1. Hahaha metal and MMA are the best shit talking subjects, they really do never end. The arguments are fun, especially for me since I hate Iron Maiden, that rubs some people the wrong way :P

  2. Yeah man, the mma and metal forums are the best on net.
    I don't hate Maiden but i can totally see why people would think it's shit.