Monday, September 20, 2010

Grapple Tackle

Training is going really well, i can feel my game improving all the time. I'm really enjoying flow rolling at the start of class. Instead of learning a new technique at the start of every class we partner up and flow through all the moves we have in our arsenal.  I try not to repeat anything or block my opponents game but rather "flow with the go". It really keeps me thinking and gets a good sweat going.
Our coach uses this warm up as a chance to look a bit closer at our technique. He picked up a couple of things for me to work on which was super helpful. I use half guard from bottom a lot and he pointed out a way to use my legs more and use a sort of half butterfly position, great for sweeps and entry to the x-guard.
I've been working my sidecontrol escapes when flow rolling and when sparring more intensely with varied success. Sidecontrol is tricky to escape, especially if the top player is experienced. Improvements are being made though and i think after a few more weeks I'll have a much better game plan for when I'm in that position.

I retired from Rugby League 2 yrs ago when i started doing BJJ. I played for my local team the Gympie Devils for 10yrs and i was on the committee for 3yrs during that time. On the weekend they won the Grand final for the first time in the clubs history. It felt like the whole town was there to watch the game. I made some life long mates playing footy and I'm so happy to see the boys bring home the trophy. Go The Devils!!

I may have partied a bit too hard with the boys because i think my bloody flu is back. So i couldn't train tonight. But i plan on getting back in the gym twice before the weeks out. Seeing the boys win that game after so much hard work and commitment, has given me a lot of motivation to compete at my best against the best.
C u on the mat,

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