Monday, October 18, 2010

Back On The Mat

Back on the mat last night. Although I left early I had a blast. I thought after a bit over a week off I might be a bit rusty and run out of gas. But my timing was pretty good and I pulled off a few techniques I've been thinking about while I was off the mat. I'm really loving the flip over butterfly pass and skipping over once I've passed to the far side. Feels right for me and adds to my flowing game. I may even get some video on here sometime soon showing the techniques I'm working on at the moment.

The boys are training super hard for their up coming fights. I got to training just as they were starting some ground and pound practise. It was brutal. Blood was on the mat. I jumped in for the last round with one of my mates who is fighting soon. He's already had a couple of mma fights. His takedowns are real good and he has cardio for days.
Grappling changes a lot when someone can punch you in the face. My bottom game becomes a lot tighter. I really work on keeping my opponents posture broken down in closed guard. Last night I worked on setting up triangles and armbars from that position while trying not to leave my self open to be passed or pounded on. It's a great way to see how my jits is really going. The little bits of ground and pound work I've done I've really loved and I want to work on it a lot more.

Some Grappling Techniques Are Very Risky In The Cage
 We then went in to Jits. After a bit of a stretch we slow rolled for a while. Slow or flow rolling is a great way to link up techniques. I find it very helpful. Then we went into free rolling. Damn grappling is fun. I frickin' love pulling off a new move or technique. I also really enjoy helping a mate tighten up a bit of their game, if they ask. I think it can be a bit condescending if I just jump in and tell my team mate what I think he should do if he doesn't ask for the help. I used to tell dudes what to do mid roll, I thought I was being a good training partner. But I've since realised that it's a bit of douchey thing to do. I'm still a total noob and my team mates are not at the gym to be told what they are doing wrong by me. But if they want my help, I'm more than happy to help out where ever I can.
I'm going to start working on my jits a bit at home. I know I said in a previous post that there isn't much I can do to make my game better at home but I was wrong. There is lots of stuff I can do on my own to help me get better. I've got a decent set up under my house with mats heavy bags a bench and a tractor tyre. I'm going to work out a circuit to help my grappling. I'll post my program later this week.

The Gympie Ghetto Grappling Academy

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