Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Small Cog In The Big Machine

Over the last few days I've been thinking a lot about the importants of being a member of a good gym. Not only do I get access to excellent facilities and coaches but just as important is the access I get to many different training partners.

Having good training partners is the only way to get better at Jits. There is some stuff you can do on your own to help you move better on the mat and increase cardio but to increase your skills and timing you need training partners.

Having varied team mates at different weights, sizes, attitudes and skill levels is a great advantage. Everyone I roll with has a little different approach to the game. This helps me learn to adapt to different situations. Whether they are real aggressive, super strong, a lot faster, more flexible, more technical or even the guys just starting out, they are all helping me get better and in turn I feel like I'm helping them.

Honestly sometimes I see certain people on the mat when I arrive at training that make me think "oh shit this is going to suck having to roll with this dude again. Last time he smashed me!". But I always catch myself doing it and make sure I get a roll in with that person. They are the ones that are going to make me better.

Now I'm sure some of my team mates feel the same way about me. I'm usually the heaviest on the mat and move well enough to keep the lower belts in a bit of trouble. I have actually had a team mate tell me he dreads seeing my car in the car park. It was a bit tongue in cheek, but I totally knew what he was saying.

My team mates and coachs also give me massive amounts of motivation. We have team mates getting ready for mma fights all the time at our gym and the craziness those guys put them selves through every training session is inspiring. Especially when it is going to be there mma debut. The guts these dudes show to cross that line and step in to the cage for the first time amazes me. It really makes me want to help out any way I can to help them achieve there goals.

I haven't been able to get to training for 7 days now since the baby was born.  Don't get me wrong there is no way I want to be away from my family at this time either. My beautiful family also give me so much inspiration but my testosterone is screaming at me for some competition and training.

I've done bugger all training on my own. I really need that team environment to get motivation to train. With out it I get lazy and slip in to chill mode real fast. I've watched some old instructionals and thought a lot about what I need to work on. But with out getting on the mat it does nothing for my game. I also feel like I'm letting my team mates down a bit too. Five of the team have fights coming up in under a month.

There is a special vibe in the gym when it gets close to a big fight night. Everyone is on the same page all focusing there energy on the dudes stepping up. There's a real purpose to everything that is done on the mat. Everyone puts in to help out. Individual egos seem to disappear and it becomes just one big machine. All the cogs doing there thing and propelling the war machine towards the frontline. There is something very powerful when a group of like minded motivated people all move together towards a common goal. I am more than happy being a small cog in the big machine. I really enjoy helping out where I can as a training partner. Also with my little bit of knowledge on the ground game and some words of confidence here and there.

The feeling the whole team gets when one of us has success is amazing!!
I am very grateful and appreciative of all my team mates and coachs at Advance SC and I truly do feel lucky to be a small cog in the war machine. Hanging out and training with a team of super cool killers really makes me a better person on and off the mat. I can't wait to get back on the mat and add my energy to the collective. And hopefully help the war machine keep turning!!

C u on the mat.
This is the fight night the boys are fighting on next. Will be a killer show!!

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