Monday, November 8, 2010

The Best Seat In The House

So the boys fight night was last Friday night, and it went off!! I travelled down early in the arvo before the fight night to show my team mates support and help out if I could. The venue was awesome. The Events centre in Caloundra is the perfect set up for a fight show. The teared seating had a mad view in to the cage and the place had big screens every where with a live feed of the fights so you wouldn't miss any of the action.
I went down to the changing rooms and a couple of my mates arrived not long after. They were both so chill it was ridiculous. I hung out for a bit, then one of our clubs lead cornermen asked if I could stay in the dressing sheds and help the boys warm up before there fights. Hell yeah! But by the time I ducked back to get some shorts and a training shirt the dressing shed was chokas. With 6 of our guys 2-3 of our cornermen and then all the other fighters and crew fighting out of the same corner as us in the same room. It was a bit full. So I looked for another job.
I was asked to open and close the cage door. Hell yeah! So my job was to let the fighters and officials in to the cage and hand the super hot ring girls the round number cards. Sweet deal. It was with out a doubt the best seat in the house.
One of my boys getting the W, I'm fist pumping in the background.
 The team all performed outstanding going 4wins 1draw 1loss. The atmosphere in the place was amazing especially when one of the local boys fought. At one stage I had one of my mates ground and pounding his opponent about 10cm in front of my face. I noticed his opponent was working for a submission so i was telling my mate to posture up and push his hips in, but the ref told me to shut up. Opps... i guess the door opener dude can't give advise. But my team mate didn't need any advise from me. He slammed his way out of a few triangle attempts and escaped a deep armbar to ground and pound his opponent to victory. It was one of the fights of the night. All the fights on the card were entertaining, but when our coach Ryan Dunstan got in the cage the place was going ballistic. He dominated his oponent standing, even getting of a huge flying knee, and the moment the fight hit the floor it was a wrap son!! He got the ref stoppage early in the first via more nasty G n P!!!

Now that's entertainment!
The after party was epic, it went for two days. I had some great yarns with my head coach, had some huge laughs with my mates especially the mate who's place I crashed at and I met a super cool cat from the brizy gym that is as crazy about the sport as I am. Also on the Saturday we had a BJJ seminar with UFC veteran and 2nd degree black belt Anthony Perosh at our gym. It was excellent. I'll post up a bit of a review later this week.

C u on the mat,

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